About Fitspot Japan Media

About Fitspot Japan Media

Welcome to Fitspot Japan Media!
We would like to tell Fitspot.

Fitspot Japan Media is bringing Japan’s valuable information like culture, activity, entertainment and so on to all people who are interested Japan.

We think that there are many interesting information in Japan, but most of information are only Japanese language.
So we would like to deliver the interesting, unique info in Japan using other language like English and so on.
And we would like to talk about Japan with you together.

We also operate marketplace Fitspot Japan “fitspot.jp” which allows you to reserve and experience Japan’s local activities and workshop.

For all people who are interested Japan why find through us? Because we are bringing the unique Japan’s information and activities to you. We want to make it easy for you to find the best local activities in Japan. An assortment of the most interested event organizers, their specialisms and their availability. Our aim is to make finding a activity simple – no matter what the occasion.

Thank you for reading About us.
Have a good day!



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