What is Furoshiki? Furoshiki is a square cloth that..

About Furoshiki

Furoshiki is a square cloth that can be carried by wrapping something.

Furoshiki has the flexibility to wrap any shape product.
In addition, it is environmentally friendly because it can be used repeatedly after washing if it gets dirty.

Although the number of people using Furoshiki has decreased due to the popularity of bag and other items, Recently, the wonderfulness of Furoshiki has been reviewed.

The beginning of Furoshiki

In the Heian period, cloth for wrapping some product was called “Hira tsutsumi”.

It is said that the Sento (public bath) was born in the Kamakura period, but at that time it was common to take a Sauna wearing Fundoshi (loincloth) or Koshimaki (waistband).

It is said that the name of the Furoshiki was born from wrapping the bathing goods in clothes and taking it to a Sento (public bath), and wear clothes again on the cloth (Furoshiki) when the bath went up.
From the above, it was named “Furoshiki”.

In the early Edo period, Furoshiki became popular between people in general as public baths spread. In the middle of the Edo period, when cotton cultivation became popular, cotton Furoshiki was born.

In addition to a bath, Furoshiki has been used not only for wrapping some products, but also in various situations, such as hanging it on your hand, hanging it on your back, or putting it on your head.
Furoshiki with a brand name also has become an indispensable product.

The current use of Furoshiki

At present, the number of people using Furoshiki has decreased because bag and other items are more popular in Japan.

However, there is still demand for wrapping wedding money gift and as a gift itself.
Even though Furoshiki is no longer a daily necessity, at important events it shows Japanese compassion.

Recently, various types of furoshiki, such as those with a familiar pattern and those with a Japanese pattern, have been sold and are popular among young people.
Furoshiki is chosen as one point fashion, and it is popular as an eco bag recently because it is light and can be folded.

Furoshiki, one piece of cloth, can changes various times according to its use.
Please enjoy the fun of changing shape according to the thing, which is different from bag.


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