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Disposal of desktops, servers equipment due to office relocation from Tokyo in Japan

Disposal of server

Disposal of desktops, servers, and other e-waste computer equipment in Japan

In this article, we would like to explain the disposal of desktops, servers, and other e-waste computer equipment due to the office relocation from the Tokyo branch in Japan.

Disposing of an unwanted computer or server requires a lot of work. There are various ways to dispose of computers and servers, and the cost varies depending on the method. How should you safely dispose of your unwanted computer or server? This section explains the methods, costs, and notes for disposing of computers and servers.


How to dispose of computers and servers in Japan

There are two main methods of disposing of computers and servers in Japan: disposal as industrial waste and purchase disposal. The following is an explanation of these disposal methods and costs, as well as points to note when disposing of them.

About the cost of computer and server disposal. Disposal as industrial waste, purchase disposal.

The cost of disposing of computers, servers, etc., as industrial waste is generally about 200,000 Japanese yen, depending on the waste collection vehicle, arrangements for specialized workers, etc. Of course, the cost will vary depending on the industrial waste collection company and the disposal amount.

Please note that the cost of data destruction from computers and servers is not included in the above costs, so additional costs will be incurred if data is to be destroyed.
Also, in Japan, there are strict rules for disposing of computer equipment as industrial waste, including the signing of an industrial waste disposal contract, and it takes time to complete the disposal.

In the case of purchase disposal, there are costs for arranging collection vehicles and workers. Still, since no specialization is required, the cost is lower than when disposing of industrial waste. In addition, you will need to pay for the data destruction of the computer and server, but you can offset the disposal cost with the purchase price of the computer and server.

Note before disposal! About data destruction

One thing to remember when disposing of computers and servers is that you must destroy the data before disposal.
Since industrial waste companies are not specialists in computer equipment, many people are concerned about whether they can adequately destroy data. When using an industrial waste disposal company, they must confirm that they will destroy the data. If they do not, you must destroy the data beforehand. However, if you destroy the data by yourself, there is a risk that the data may not be destroyed.

Security, as well as cost, is an important aspect of computer and server disposal. Data destruction is difficult unless you have specialized knowledge. The most efficient and secure way to dispose of computers and servers is to ask for data destruction, issuance of data destruction certificate, and disposal in one go.

Removal of servers from server racks

One of the most essential points to remember when disposing of servers is the server removal process from the server rack. When disposing of servers, you must do the server removal work from the server rack by yourself. It takes a lot of time and effort to dispose of server racks, including removing the server racks and wiring.
There are some companies that offer the removal of servers from server racks as a service, but you will incur additional expenses for it.

Contact Fitspot Work for computer and server disposal

Regarding disposing of computers and servers, there are two important things to consider: cost and security.
Fitspot Work offers a variety of business support services in Japan.

We work with computer and server disposal companies to provide business support for the disposal of e-waste computer equipment.
We offer a one-stop service that includes removal of equipment from the office, unracking of servers, data destruction, and disposal.
Of course, we destroy the data from the storage media of the computer equipment. After the work, we will issue a data destruction certificate with the serial number of the target HDD.

If you have any questions, please contact Fitspot Work. Thank you.

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